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The Oktoberfest


Curious Pastimes

Date : 17-19th November 2006

Location : Kibblestone Scout Camp

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Ticket price : £60

Player spaces : 50

Crew spaces : 20

Catering : Full inc banquet

Accomodation : Indoor bunks

Alcohol : Bar provided

Event Start : Friday 7pm

Event End : Sunday 2pm

Time Out : 2am-10am

The Oktoberfest

17-19th November 2006 ~ Kibblestone Scout Camp , Oulton , Stone , Staffordshire  ST15 8UJ

Itís the time of year when revellers from across the continent come to celebrate the Teutonian skill at brewing. Traditionally hosted near the town of Friedburg, this ancient festival is as well known for its revelry as it is for renewing old acquaintances, and forming of new bonds. Old rivalries are put aside for the duration of the festival and the focus is purely on good food and good ale. This particular Oktoberfest celebration is hosted by Klaus Burgenheim, in a village near the town of Freiburg. Held at the Cobra's Head tavern, chosen for its renowned food and well stocked cellar as well as its ample overnight accomodation. There is also the added attraction of a local curio in the form of an ancient tower of unknown origins.


The Oktoberfest
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