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Sci Fi


Date : 26-28th February 2009

Location : Johns Lee Wood

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Ticket price : £100

Player spaces : 40

Crew spaces : 20

Catering : Full (basic)

Accomodation : Indoor bunks

Alcohol : No alcohol

Event Start : Friday 7pm

Event End : Sunday 3am

Time Out : 24 hour time in


26-28th February 2009 ~ Johns Lee Wood , Markfield Lane , Markfield , Leicester  LE67 9PS

Distress Signal Recieved. Priority 12E. Internal-Confidential-Tier-3
Source: 2-MBS T:1
Type: Legacy Long Wave Radio. Obscure Frequency.
Encoding: ASCII (Legacy)
Z-Repeat: 28
Z-Interval: 101
DISTRESS SIGNAL - Base under attack from unknown group. Type 7 Transmitter destroyed. Emergency Systems Operational. Base in full lock down. Terraformer set to Stage 1 to repel attackers. Request Armed Assistance. END SIGNAL.
[End Message]

>Source: 2-MBS T:1
Exact base location unknown. Denom suggests Jovian Prime[Saturn/Jupiter] banding. Terraforming level indicated at Stage 1 complete, Stage 2 in progress. Exact coords supplied once on route.

>Type: Legacy Long Wave Radio. Obscure Frequency.
>Encoding: ASCII (Legacy)
Legacy systems used. Suggests bespoke transmission system or pre-GyinNodal transmitter. Computer systems not connected to main transmitter.

>Base under attack from unknown group.
Research underway on groups operating in suspected vicinity. Suspect Earth Liberation Front subband Eco Terrorism. More information to be supplied once on route.

>Type 7 Transmitter destroyed
Would correspond with bespoke transmission system.

>Emergency Systems Operational. Base in full lock down.
Base denom suggests emergency systems can only operate for 24 hours unless there is an external power source or personnel in statis sleep.

>Terraformer set to Stage 1 to repel attackers.
Terraform synbrief states stage 1 Terraformers pump out gases to create atmos. Stage 2 atmos is converted to breathable. Gas composition dependent on planetary grade and designation.

>Request Armed Assistance.
Contingent equipped and dispatched with standard ordinance and supplies.

This message was not tight beamed and sent unencrypted. We don't know who else will be turning up.

One-way dropships will get you there in approximately 48 hours. Support ships to follow ETA 100 hours.

Men, we don't know what we are sending you into. Be ready for anything. Good Luck.

[End Commentary]

Note - you need to make a character to be able to book. Just enter a character name and leave the rest blank, or put in anything for now - you can change it at any point in the My Account section.

Characters may be designed as marines, or terraformers, full details to come in the event guide. Please note this is a 24 hour time in event. Pack your hardcore.


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