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Sci Fi


Date : 16-18th February

Location : Ullesthorpe Scout Camp

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Ticket price : £75

Player spaces : 25

Crew spaces : 20

Catering : Full (basic)

Accomodation : Indoor bunks

Alcohol : No alcohol

Event Start : Friday 7pm

Event End : Sunday 3am

Time Out : 24 hour time in


16-18th February ~ Ullesthorpe Scout Camp , Frolesworth Road , Ullesthorpe , Leicestershire  LE17 5BY

It is the year 2164 AD. The latter half of the 21st Century saw the boom-bust cycle of space exploration and exploitation, which ultimately fragmented into governmental and private operations scattered throughout the Solar System. There is a dangerous tendency to reduce the size of the Solar System in the mind of Earth Dwellers, but when travel time between survivable habitats can be measured in weeks, the enormity of the vastness of space can have severe implications. Away from the Earth the ability to control and enforce laws and national boundaries becomes extremely difficult. This tends to fall to how many personnel and how much power you have to enforce your will. The effect of this is that the Solar System is much like a series of city states each enforcing their own view of society within their controlled borders. The game is set against the second expansion of mankind throughout the solar system. Whilst travel and habitation amongst the planets is commonplace life can be hard and precarious. People learn to be self sufficient and resourceful in all situations. When you are in the depths of space there is nobody you can reasonably call for help. Outside of Earths atmosphere you are alone. Events within the Alone campaign will test players wits and ingenuity as well as their capability to deal with the peculiar and anomalous situations presented in a system teeming with unregulated development and accelerated processes of hybridisation and unnatural selection. The game runs on a wysiwyg concept, with minimal referee presence and input. Situations and items within the game will present themselves to players with many options to be encountered and resolved without recourse to referee input. The games have a set background and a free form rule system which allows players to develop characters and abilities within a common reference. Naturally a live action game set with a future setting requires a high degree of props and settings. Use of computer, communication and other technological effects will be prevalent throughout the game. Within the Alone games a great deal of material and effort will be deployed in order to achieve this, and in doing so create a unique game experience. The event Players take on the roles of characters that have an established set of skills and allegiances who have applied for a position on a UK government funded expedition to the outer system beyond the dwarf planetoid Pluto. Though government sponsored the expedition has many independent and corporate investors who are present on this journey. Players gather at the Asteroid Belt capital Ceres and depart for the outer system. The route will take the players through the well colonised orbits of Jupiter and Saturn and out beyond the forefront of commercial interest of Uranus and Neptune. Though there are scientific and research stations at the furthest reaches of the system the characters will have to be self sufficient in all that they do and tackle the challenges of the far reaches using only their wit and the equipment they have brought with them.


The Oktoberfest
Rated by players as 4.0 out of 5
The Trade Council Invites
Rated by players as 4.2 out of 5
The Legend of Cold Peak
Rated by players as 4.2 out of 5
Toller's Gambit
Rated by players as 4.4 out of 5
Rated by players as 4.3 out of 5

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